I have always been fascinated with the small details of life. When I write fiction and poetry it tends to focus on small changes; it examines the little moments that, when strung together, create and sustain relationships. This is also an area that excites me in my research. What I love most about qualitative research is that it is immersed in storytelling. However most qualitative health research is focused on big moment stories: how illness is experienced; experiences of transitions and diagnoses; and life narratives around both disease and wellness. I’m really interested in people’s daily habits. The little things we do, how we do them, what motivates us to do them, and why we don’t do them. Health and wellness are experienced through our daily routines as well as the relationships we hold with the people (family and friends) with whom we interact on a daily basis.It doesn’t make for exciting plots but if you allow yourself to become immersed in people’s daily lives you see important patterns.

This section describes some of my key studies on mothering and health. I’ve also included a copy of my full cv.