Tracy R. Nichols, Ph.D.

scholar, writer, teacher, mentor, and late-blooming artist

Lived Mothering

Examining the intersections of mothering & health

Arts-based Methodology

Combining storytelling with poetics & visual arts

Teaching & Mentoring

Transforming knowledge through meaningful relationships

What is Lived Mothering?

Lived mothering is an approach to studying reproductive health that centers mothers* while acknowledging the importance of structural factors.

In qualitative methodology we focus on the lived experience. I take this practice, apply it to mothers, and examine interpersonal, institutional, and structural contexts in which these lived experiences reside.

*Mothers are people who’s daily practice is invested in the care, nurturing, and socialization of their children. Mothers can be female or male; they can be cisgendered, transgendered, or nonbinary. Mothers may or may not have biological and/or legal connections to their child(ren). Being a mother is both a practice and an identity.

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Department of Public Health Education
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About Me

Tracy r. nichols, ph.d.

Professor of Public Health Education – UNC Greensboro


Examining the intersections of lived mothering and health has become the linchpin of my research. This work requires storytelling at the individual, institutional, and structural levels. I combine this storytelling with research poetics and the visual arts.

On this website you will find my informal writings about my work, my accounts of my research as it unfolds, my discussions of other peoples’ work (in research, advocacy, and practice), as well as my journey as a late-blooming artist.

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